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6 Months

Yes, it’s been just over six months since I last updated this blog. I’d like to say that I’ve been travelling or doing something productive but I haven’t; I haven’t done anything. Speaking of productive, even now this is keeping me away from doing some coursework.

Lots has happened in the world since I last moaned about something on here, some things good but unfortunately some bad. Fortunately 6 months has given me to build up a lot to talk about and therefore, I’d like to say that this account has been revived and hopefully I will be posting on it frequently enough.

I guess I should get back to doing this work but check back soon for posts.



A super Hero or Magic?

Following my post about my HTC hero that got sent in for repair, I now have it back; albeit six months later.  As mentioned in January, HTC had told me that they were going to send me some photographic evidence of the moisture damage to my phone.  After another three months, I decided to hound them again, they argued that they had sent the phone back to the address from where it was collected.  Already HTC had made another big mistake, because it was made quite clear that the delivery address was going to be different to the collection address.  Another question has to be asked, why did the attempt to deliver it at midnight, too?  They were quite happy to share this information with me.  Finally, they accepted to send my phone to the right address and also send an apologetic email along with the attachments of evidence.

Evident moisture damage

In the picture, I can see some damage where the left hand arrow is pointing to, the dull colour suggests this but I can’t see any signs in the area which the right hand arrow is pointing to.  If this damage was caused by me, I have no idea how but I guess I’ll just have to accept it.

Upon receipt of my non-repaired Hero, I decided to look at it to see if there was any change.  The phone no longer opened up the search function by itself but the trackball didn’t glow whatsoever, along with the LED light at the top of the phone.  This was probably bearable but me being me, I refused to use it so I just left it on charge and ignored it.  Not so long after, I came back to it and the LED light was lit so I decided to put my sim card in it and test the trackball and guess what, it worked!

Now, I don’t know how this has been possible but it seems as if my little Android buddy didn’t want to give up with me, even if HTC did.  The question I’ve asked myself is if this phone is actually Magic or is it just a true Hero?  I have been using the phone for a few days now and absolutely everything is working.


Is Moses AWOL?

After witnessing Wigan’s defeat to Manchester City tonight, I have many rants to release.  First of all, I’d just like to say; I didn’t get any joy from seeing Carlos Tevez get chance to wave his shin pad around three times.  After getting a needed win against Burnley, Wigan started the game well and at half time, looked the favourites to get something from the match.  Then, a controversial decision made by a young and seemingly inexperienced referee, Stuart Attwell, saw us wave goodbye to Gary Caldwell for half of our remaining games.  This also looked to cost us a defeat, which inevitably it did.

Gary Caldwell’s irresponsible tackle on Carlos Tevez saw Attwell go straight for red but it seemed as though the Argentine striker attempted to stamp on Caldwell rather than playing the ball.  Questions therefore have to be asked as to why he didn’t receive a red also.  There is much to be also asked as to whether the challenge from the Scottish defender was worthy of a sending off.

Predictably, this changed the game.  The first of the three goals was also a point of controversy as Adebayor looked to be offside when the ball was played into the centre.  Even though Tevez was the scorer, the big Togo striker was much a part of play.  With the offside not being given, the point of frustration for Wigan fans will have been towards the stand-in goalkeeper, Vladimir Stojkovic.  After making an impressive reflex save in the first half, the ‘keeper showed no bravery to catch the ball played in for the goal but seemed to just throw his chest at the two City strikers.  The goalkeeping during the third goal had to also be questioned.

If we manage to stay up this season, it will be some achievement.  Staying up or not, I think if Roberto Martinez is still in charge next season, applying the same tactics as he has been doing this season, it is time to worry.  A team like Wigan’s needs to make sure their defence is tight and they can score goals.  Since last year, personally, I think that a 4-4-2 formation is the definite choice needed for a team like ours.  More to the point, with the team we have now, if he insists on playing the 4-3-3 then I think again, Rodallega definitely needs to be moved into his more dangerous centre position and a starting place should be given to Victor Moses on the left wing with N’Zogbia continuing to impress on the right.

Wigan's 'wonderkid' deadline day signing - Victor Moses

Tonight, when I saw that N’Zogbia wasn’t fit to start, I was almost certain with myself that Moses would be given a chance but it turned out Scharner came back in and McCarthy was moved out to the right.  However, even when it was time for changes, Martinez still insisted in bringing on Jason ‘No Goal’ Scotland.  Whenever Moses has come on in the past, he has offered a lot more than Scotland.  He even showed his worth by setting up last week’s crucial stoppage time goal against Burnley.  I just have to ask the question, is he AWOL or is Martinez scared of changing anything?

One player I did get to see tonight is Steve Gohouri.  After retrieving his literally forgotten shirt from the changing room and finally coming on, for the short amount of time, he showed pace and a bit of decency.  Lets hope that he can offer something whilst Caldwell is suspended, even if it is bench warming.

Final score: 3-0


HTC – quietly lying

Back in mid September of last year, I received a very exciting new phone in the mail, a HTC Hero.  After all of the arguments with iPhone owners about how the Hero is better in so many different ways; at the beginning of November, my great new phone decided to re-boot itself and clear all of it’s memory.  I found this slightly frustrating after all of the options I had set, apps I had downloaded and the layouts I had carefully saved but I didn’t think any more of it.  After getting it all back up and running, I noticed that when the phone was on sleep, the trackball was glowing with a very dim glow.  This glow either got brighter or disappeared as I ‘woke’ the phone up.

The Hero. In more than one sense.

After the realisation that this strange glowing was not going to stop, I decided to hard reset my phone via both of the two methods expecting it to be a little software blip or even some corruption during the mysterious reboot.  The answer was no, the glowing was staying to haunt me.  It didn’t end here.  The not so heroic Hero then decided to start opening random apps on it’s own accord.  This was where I then decided to speak to HTC Support.

After trying to explain to the foreign worker on the other end of the phone the things that my Hero had done (and spelling out my email address at least five times), she told me to undertake the resetting methods that I had already tried.  Instead of making a fuss, I decided to just comply with these instructions and hope for the best.  No, it was still there, the glowing daemon was still staring me in the face, laughing.  It was all then arranged for my Hero to be collected and sent for repair.  Great.

No, it doesn’t end here.  After a few weeks of not hearing anything, HTC decided to email me, billing me for either £350 for a new LCD and full plastic replacement or £40 to receive the phone back without repair.  They also added into the email that if I don’t take either of these actions in the next few weeks, they reserve the right to scrap my phone.  Now, this, I feel is bad customer service.  Again, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them another call.  After not getting any sense out of the call centre worker, I managed to speak to the supervisor about my phone.  He helpfully told me that he feels there must have been a mistake and he will look into the issue.  A few weeks later, I still hadn’t heard from HTC so yet again, I was calling their support line located in god knows where, trying to track down my beloved phone.  It was now approaching Christmas and I was greeted with the lovely response that my HTC had been water damaged.  I’m sorry HTC but I have to say this now, that I know for a fact is complete bollocks.  The supervisor listened to my words and again told me he’d ‘look into it’.

The new year arrived and it was a respectable time past the Christmas holidays and still, no response.  I took the action that I was familiar with and once again, wasted my time and money ringing the support line.  I was again told they were still looking into it.  Finally, a couple of days later, I received a call from an unknown number and yes, it was the supervisor; with bad news.  Once again, he told me my phone had been water damaged but they will send it back to me without repair, free of charge and that they actually have photographs of my phone with moisture evidence.  Shocked for two reasons, why aren’t they charging me £40 to get it back when I’ve damaged it and that he actually has pictures!  In an attempt to be kind, he offered to have the pictures emailed to me by the end of the day.  Here I am now, three days later with no pictures and no phone.

What the fuck are you playing at HTC?

Feel free to leave comments and I’m preying that there are fellow sufferers out there in the same situation, vulnerable with no hero.

In an attempt to revise, I realised I have not yet done anything about my new years resolution of updating my blog more frequently and so I’ve decided to leave the dreaded revision to one side to talk about something that I have probably just been day dreaming about longer than I think. After the purchase of a new laptop, a Dell Studio 1555, I have been thinking about all of the things that I can install on it before I head back to Manchester to tackle my exams and start the new semester. The main thing I was actually thinking about after filling my taskbar full of useful programs was Oblivion. I decided that having a new laptop an’ all that I would install it to see what sort of performance I can get from it on high end graphics settings. This then got me onto something else, something that could be a significant threat to my studies.

An absolute masterpiece.

That’s right, the previous game in The Elder Scrolls series; Morrowind. Going back a few years now to the summer of 2005, this game was the single thing that ate up the hours of my days.

The game was just so perfect in every way. Not only did it come with a huge map for you to roam, all of the weapons and armour you could imagine, many types of character, tons of quests, guilds, side quests. Okay, take a breath. It came with a construction set in which you could add your own things and change properties of the game. It was close to being never ending joy.

I guess this post hasn’t really been informative in any way whatsoever but I hope it’s got fellow Morrowind lovers’ minds going!


My hatred towards middle laners has existed since before I could drive and is one of the posts that I already had on my mind when I set up this blog. I’d just like to note before I begin that I am not aiming to offend anyone, just aimlessly ranting.

I’d just like to mention a great website that I came across when looking for a picture for this post. I’m just glad to see that it is actually a big issue for other people, as well as me. The URL is self explanatory and you’d think that most people, who have a driving licence would actually know how they work.

Another middle lane culprit.

Another middle lane culprit.

The picture to the left is a great example of one of the people who obviously don’t have a clue how to use the motorway. Rule 238 states: “You should drive in the left-hand lane if the road ahead is clear. Return to the left-hand lane once you have overtaken all the vehicles or if you are delaying traffic behind you”. Now take a look at the left hand lane of the motorway (the slow lane). Can you see a car in a close distance? No, neither can I so why is he not in that lane? The problem is that the inside lane is associated with slow moving vehicles and most attitudes would be “I’m doing 70, the speed limit”. I’d just like to say to people with this attitude that number one, you’re not here to enforce laws and number two; by doing what you’re doing, you yourself are ignoring the highway code. Check out the website mentioned above to read some of the pathetic excuses and arguments that people produce and if you’re one of them, change!

Maybe I shouldn’t get so worked up about things like this but when I’m out there, I just can’t help myself. Part of my motorway travel would be demonstrating to these idiots how to use the lane systems so I pull out of the slow lane, into the fast, overtaking the tool and swiftly moving back into the slow lane. Does it work? Sometimes it wakes them up but maybe 8 times out of 10, they just carry on sitting there. By doing what they are doing, they are slowing down faster moving traffic and reducing the flow of the motorway. The person driving that typical Mazda 626 probably has their glasses on the end of their nose and their hands and ten and two.

What really grates me is when you give a quick flash of the main beam for one of them to move over and they do so and you get the feeling “yes, you have acutally got a brain” and then you over take them, pull in in front of them and they pull back out! What the hell? Or they come behind you and start flashing you. “Oh I’m sorry for showing you how to drive”. The funny thing is, I’m 18 and I can understand if some 40 year old is getting a bit annoyed at me for showing them how to do something they’ve been doing a lot longer than me but the fact is, it’s actually 100% right! Sometimes it’s easy to resort to undertaking but then again, that’s more dangerous than what they’re doing.

I just want you to see some of the excuses that people give so I’m going to post the direct link: I just wish I could follow the author of this website on Twitter!

The fact that they’re winding up drivers with brains makes these middle laners a danger. I think when the matrices have nothing important to display; they should remind drivers to use the motorway properly instead of telling people how much time it takes to get to a certain junction.

Keep checking for updates on related topics to this as these are going to be the most frequent.

I just repeat, I’m not aiming to offend anyone in any way.


What were they thinking?

Just when I thought BMW had cracked it and had Audi and Mercedes in their back pocket, they definitely raised my eyebrow when they announced the production of the 5 Series GT. When I heard the name, having not seen any pictures or read anything about it, I thought it was just another alternative spec that could be chosen on the car as it must be coming to the end of the E60 5 Series.

BMWs erm... radical new design

BMWs erm... radical new design.

Christopher Weil, the young new designer for BMW has produced this new, well, what they call an SUV. After Chris Bangle has stepped down, lets hope that BMW’s future is not threatened by this new look.  Fair enough if Weil has had any input to the new F01 7 Series; that’s a nice car but I’m not fully decided if I prefer the last E65 version. Now, more about the GT. The back end (pictured) kind of reminds me of an attempt made by Citroën or Renault when they try and compete with the German big boys. Some of the ideas that have been brought into the car like the two piece boot lid and the optional 2 seats in the back aren’t really fresh. We’ve seen the saloon/hatchback trick in the plush Skoda Superb and we’ve seen the cracking rear 2 seat idea in the not so groundbreaking Vauxhall Signum. Thank god it’s optional. The size of the GT is similar to that of a 7 series and the car can’t seem to decide if it wants to be a toddler X6 or a 3 Series X5 love child. The roof line is similar to the X6 and is the first four door BMW to incorporate frameless windows. Some of the ideas are pretty neat but I just can’t get my head around the market that they are trying to hit.

The interior however, don’t get me wrong is by far more than up to scratch and is truly the trademark BMW design. The Gran Turismo looks fantastic inside. The front end of the car started off nicely, I’m guessing Weil started off at the front and then lost the details of the BMW design when he got to the back. Maybe the kidney grill at the front is flaring it’s nostrils at the arse it’s been given? I mean, has he stolen some light clusters from Citroën that they’re planning on using on a people carrier?

Can anyone please just try and explain where they are trying to go with this car? I mean they’ve already got an X6 out for the people that want a coupé and a 4×4 all in one but what’s this one for; people who think the X6 is a little too tall? Or is it for people who can’t decide if they want a high spec 5 Series or a low spec 7 Series? Whilst I’m on that, at a jaw-dropping starting price of £40,000 and a poor choice of 3 engines, I really can’t see where this is going. Without driving this thing, I can really say get an X6 or a 7 Series. I mean come on, the starting engine being the 535i, a turbocharged 3-litre 306bhp engine is a poor option. I guess it maybe needed to lug that shed around on the back, god knows.

By all means, I wish BMW all the best with this car and hope they’re seeing something I’m not but please re-think the back end designs before designing the new 5 Series platform!


Last night, I left the comfort of my own home, full of excitement and hungry to see the few new faces of Wigan Athletic play at the beloved DW Stadium. Six minutes into the game, my arse barely being on the seat after dashing over from a painfully long wait for a pizza at Pizza Hut; Andrew Keogh pops up with his head and nudges the ball past the keeper. After cramming the jalapeño loaded pizza down me, I was in no state to show any real emotion.  Inside, I was steaming. Okay, so six minutes in after a great win at the weekend you’d think yes, Wolves will now be vunerable and we’ve got plenty of time to equalize.

This beautiful football that Bobby is bringing to the Wigan team just didn’t work. The best passes I saw all evening were those between the defenders. Okay, so use a nice pass and pass it to the midfield to organise an attack. Go on Bramble, pass it. After five attempts of too much lift and spin I think it was time to give up. I think he was plainly forgetting again that there was a nice pitch below him that he could skim the ball along. Fair play to Wolves; the only one tactic that we can play which is passing, they stopped brilliantly. After experiencing 40 minutes of this, you’d think the system would be changed. Nah. This then turned into the old style long ball; but to who? Jason Scotland is too short to jump and reach the top shelf of a kitchen cupboard and Rodallega was getting blown away by the summer breeze.

What a frustrating evening this was for the Wigan fans, or, for the ones that turned up. That’s one thing that I don’t want to get started on. Taking any positives from the game was that one new boy Jordi Gomez looked good on the ball when he wasn’t being chopped down by the boys wearing Dorito packets and there were also a few glimpses of quality in one or two of the attacks, N’Zogbia especially testing the defence a few times cutting in from his new right wing position.

Jason Scotland, the new boy - Summing up the evening.

Jason Scotland, the new boy. - Summing up the evening.

Well Wigan, I wasn’t impressed but I guess that we made up for the 3 points we should have got last night by getting them against Villa. Saturday brings United, yeah right. Lets hope for a performance like the one at Villa Park in the rest of the games.


Hi all at

I’m new to blogging but I feel that I have many things I need to talk about and more than likely criticise. Most of it may be uninteresting and pointless jibber but I some of you may be interested. You may even be left dumbfounded at some of the things I’ve got to say but then again, more than likely not.

This is just to break the ice and get the first post over with really. I’ll probably mostly be talking about football, cars, technology and most probably and most frequently – random things that I find irritating.

Hope the information posted will come to use in someway.