Just when I thought BMW had cracked it and had Audi and Mercedes in their back pocket, they definitely raised my eyebrow when they announced the production of the 5 Series GT. When I heard the name, having not seen any pictures or read anything about it, I thought it was just another alternative spec that could be chosen on the car as it must be coming to the end of the E60 5 Series.

BMWs erm... radical new design

BMWs erm... radical new design.

Christopher Weil, the young new designer for BMW has produced this new, well, what they call an SUV. After Chris Bangle has stepped down, lets hope that BMW’s future is not threatened by this new look.  Fair enough if Weil has had any input to the new F01 7 Series; that’s a nice car but I’m not fully decided if I prefer the last E65 version. Now, more about the GT. The back end (pictured) kind of reminds me of an attempt made by Citroën or Renault when they try and compete with the German big boys. Some of the ideas that have been brought into the car like the two piece boot lid and the optional 2 seats in the back aren’t really fresh. We’ve seen the saloon/hatchback trick in the plush Skoda Superb and we’ve seen the cracking rear 2 seat idea in the not so groundbreaking Vauxhall Signum. Thank god it’s optional. The size of the GT is similar to that of a 7 series and the car can’t seem to decide if it wants to be a toddler X6 or a 3 Series X5 love child. The roof line is similar to the X6 and is the first four door BMW to incorporate frameless windows. Some of the ideas are pretty neat but I just can’t get my head around the market that they are trying to hit.

The interior however, don’t get me wrong is by far more than up to scratch and is truly the trademark BMW design. The Gran Turismo looks fantastic inside. The front end of the car started off nicely, I’m guessing Weil started off at the front and then lost the details of the BMW design when he got to the back. Maybe the kidney grill at the front is flaring it’s nostrils at the arse it’s been given? I mean, has he stolen some light clusters from Citroën that they’re planning on using on a people carrier?

Can anyone please just try and explain where they are trying to go with this car? I mean they’ve already got an X6 out for the people that want a coupé and a 4×4 all in one but what’s this one for; people who think the X6 is a little too tall? Or is it for people who can’t decide if they want a high spec 5 Series or a low spec 7 Series? Whilst I’m on that, at a jaw-dropping starting price of £40,000 and a poor choice of 3 engines, I really can’t see where this is going. Without driving this thing, I can really say get an X6 or a 7 Series. I mean come on, the starting engine being the 535i, a turbocharged 3-litre 306bhp engine is a poor option. I guess it maybe needed to lug that shed around on the back, god knows.

By all means, I wish BMW all the best with this car and hope they’re seeing something I’m not but please re-think the back end designs before designing the new 5 Series platform!