In an attempt to revise, I realised I have not yet done anything about my new years resolution of updating my blog more frequently and so I’ve decided to leave the dreaded revision to one side to talk about something that I have probably just been day dreaming about longer than I think. After the purchase of a new laptop, a Dell Studio 1555, I have been thinking about all of the things that I can install on it before I head back to Manchester to tackle my exams and start the new semester. The main thing I was actually thinking about after filling my taskbar full of useful programs was Oblivion. I decided that having a new laptop an’ all that I would install it to see what sort of performance I can get from it on high end graphics settings. This then got me onto something else, something that could be a significant threat to my studies.

An absolute masterpiece.

That’s right, the previous game in The Elder Scrolls series; Morrowind. Going back a few years now to the summer of 2005, this game was the single thing that ate up the hours of my days.

The game was just so perfect in every way. Not only did it come with a huge map for you to roam, all of the weapons and armour you could imagine, many types of character, tons of quests, guilds, side quests. Okay, take a breath. It came with a construction set in which you could add your own things and change properties of the game. It was close to being never ending joy.

I guess this post hasn’t really been informative in any way whatsoever but I hope it’s got fellow Morrowind lovers’ minds going!