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6 Months

Yes, it’s been just over six months since I last updated this blog. I’d like to say that I’ve been travelling or doing something productive but I haven’t; I haven’t done anything. Speaking of productive, even now this is keeping me away from doing some coursework.

Lots has happened in the world since I last moaned about something on here, some things good but unfortunately some bad. Fortunately 6 months has given me to build up a lot to talk about and therefore, I’d like to say that this account has been revived and hopefully I will be posting on it frequently enough.

I guess I should get back to doing this work but check back soon for posts.



Hello world!

Hi all at

I’m new to blogging but I feel that I have many things I need to talk about and more than likely criticise. Most of it may be uninteresting and pointless jibber but I some of you may be interested. You may even be left dumbfounded at some of the things I’ve got to say but then again, more than likely not.

This is just to break the ice and get the first post over with really. I’ll probably mostly be talking about football, cars, technology and most probably and most frequently – random things that I find irritating.

Hope the information posted will come to use in someway.