Following my post about my HTC hero that got sent in for repair, I now have it back; albeit six months later.  As mentioned in January, HTC had told me that they were going to send me some photographic evidence of the moisture damage to my phone.  After another three months, I decided to hound them again, they argued that they had sent the phone back to the address from where it was collected.  Already HTC had made another big mistake, because it was made quite clear that the delivery address was going to be different to the collection address.  Another question has to be asked, why did the attempt to deliver it at midnight, too?  They were quite happy to share this information with me.  Finally, they accepted to send my phone to the right address and also send an apologetic email along with the attachments of evidence.

Evident moisture damage

In the picture, I can see some damage where the left hand arrow is pointing to, the dull colour suggests this but I can’t see any signs in the area which the right hand arrow is pointing to.  If this damage was caused by me, I have no idea how but I guess I’ll just have to accept it.

Upon receipt of my non-repaired Hero, I decided to look at it to see if there was any change.  The phone no longer opened up the search function by itself but the trackball didn’t glow whatsoever, along with the LED light at the top of the phone.  This was probably bearable but me being me, I refused to use it so I just left it on charge and ignored it.  Not so long after, I came back to it and the LED light was lit so I decided to put my sim card in it and test the trackball and guess what, it worked!

Now, I don’t know how this has been possible but it seems as if my little Android buddy didn’t want to give up with me, even if HTC did.  The question I’ve asked myself is if this phone is actually Magic or is it just a true Hero?  I have been using the phone for a few days now and absolutely everything is working.