Last night, I left the comfort of my own home, full of excitement and hungry to see the few new faces of Wigan Athletic play at the beloved DW Stadium. Six minutes into the game, my arse barely being on the seat after dashing over from a painfully long wait for a pizza at Pizza Hut; Andrew Keogh pops up with his head and nudges the ball past the keeper. After cramming the jalapeño loaded pizza down me, I was in no state to show any real emotion.  Inside, I was steaming. Okay, so six minutes in after a great win at the weekend you’d think yes, Wolves will now be vunerable and we’ve got plenty of time to equalize.

This beautiful football that Bobby is bringing to the Wigan team just didn’t work. The best passes I saw all evening were those between the defenders. Okay, so use a nice pass and pass it to the midfield to organise an attack. Go on Bramble, pass it. After five attempts of too much lift and spin I think it was time to give up. I think he was plainly forgetting again that there was a nice pitch below him that he could skim the ball along. Fair play to Wolves; the only one tactic that we can play which is passing, they stopped brilliantly. After experiencing 40 minutes of this, you’d think the system would be changed. Nah. This then turned into the old style long ball; but to who? Jason Scotland is too short to jump and reach the top shelf of a kitchen cupboard and Rodallega was getting blown away by the summer breeze.

What a frustrating evening this was for the Wigan fans, or, for the ones that turned up. That’s one thing that I don’t want to get started on. Taking any positives from the game was that one new boy Jordi Gomez looked good on the ball when he wasn’t being chopped down by the boys wearing Dorito packets and there were also a few glimpses of quality in one or two of the attacks, N’Zogbia especially testing the defence a few times cutting in from his new right wing position.

Jason Scotland, the new boy - Summing up the evening.

Jason Scotland, the new boy. - Summing up the evening.

Well Wigan, I wasn’t impressed but I guess that we made up for the 3 points we should have got last night by getting them against Villa. Saturday brings United, yeah right. Lets hope for a performance like the one at Villa Park in the rest of the games.